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When you search for the phrase “SEO copywriters” in Google, you get tons of articles and article providers form your search. But how many of these are useful? If you are looking for a professional and reliable SEO copywriter, you need to search around.

SEO firms basically think of getting your website on the top in various search engines. They just work within limits of search engines to bring traffic to your website and place you on top. When that is done they think their job is over. They will never think of writing catchy slogan that helps building your brand or write professional sales copy for you. They work towards feeding machines and not brains. SEO firms aren’t marketing savvy to write unique content, compelling message, emotional draw or an irresistible offer.

Try asking a SEO firm if they can write a brochure or print a brochure for you. Help you write a script for a commercial to be presented on TV. Ask them if they can help you compiling a media kit for their potential investors. Of course they do not specialize in all these things. They have specialized in building communication with various search engines and not people.

If your concern is “selling” that’s when a good copywriting comes into picture. A person who is tech savvy knows how to wrap a website using keywords, but doesn’t work towards creativity. That is not fair for your business as creativity helps feature your product, increase the rate of response and drive revenues.

Well, what do the seo-copywriitng services do for the business. SEO copywriters primarily focus on message and later translating to the search engine. They have good knowledge of translation, which makes a smooth transition wherein the search engine language is translated into language that the customers can understand. They write the content based on seo-keywords but add voice and style to the product/ service you are selling.

A professional SEO-copywriter writes product descriptions that are exceptionally well written and still manages to take care of keywords that various search engines can recognize and read. They are experts in building company image and brand using professionally believable and written copy. They are the most important part of SEO marketing campaign as they add voice to your company to stand out in the crowd.

The voice means the language used on your business website. This includes the words, link hover (text), product descriptions, Meta data that the search engine picks up and then delivers to humans who read the information. A professional SEO copywriter would always maintain the right balance between usage of promotional words and keywords effectively.

Seo-copywriters know that titles and headings are equally important to all search engines same as the visitors do. The writers understand significance of the bullet points with bold text that makes reading to be easy for the customers who find you online on their computer screen. They know that even Google likes the reading containing bullet points and bolds.

A professional SEO copywriter is a blend of both tech-savvy and creativity who takes care of your targets and satisfies search engines too. They always look for results that lead to high ranks in search engines and generate revenue for your business.

Let us look at some points that will help you choose a professional and creative seo-copywriter

Does his/her portfolio have something more than seo based work? If they have come from other fields like marketing and media then they know how to market your product to others and not just satisfy machines

Are the articles written by them compelling and unique?

Read a couple of SEO-based articles written by the copywriter by taking a print on paper. Is the article informative and exciting? Did you find the keyword repetition to such an extent that it spoils the word flow? You can use Google to SEO how it ranks their articles.

Does the seo-copywriter mentions his/her name?

A name means Smith, John etc.; a couple of seo copywriters outsource their work to other countries. This can give you a good pricing but quality can differ as it depends completely on the English skills of each writer. The articles shown on their websites should contain information about the authors, a byline, experience and a portfolio. Their website should have about us section so that their customers get to know about them.

Does the SEO-copywriter really care about the marketing plan you discuss with him/her

Does their service provide complementary services- web and print both, do they use their trusted providers as referrals in the industry?

The role of a SEO-copywriter is very important as thinking creatively is what they do, which other seo experts aren’t specialized in.