Energy Storage


Growing demand for energy on the one hand and climate change which is closely related to increased energy consumption on the other have become a major issue worldwide. The existing energy systems including electricity rely heavily on non-renewable sources of energy mainly on fossil fuels such as coal, gas and oil. These are not only unsustainable in the long term but are also thought to be the main cause of global climate change because huge amounts of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are released when they are burned. The energy sector is therefore increasingly seeking for alternative sources of energy such as zero carbon footprint wood burning stoves from a local company such as which will meet the growing demand for energy, provide stability in the long term and have a minimal impact on the environment.

The Importance of Energy Storage

The transition from non-renewable to environmentally friendly and renewable sources of energy will not happen overnight because the available green technologies do not generate enough energy to meet the demand. In addition to developing technologies to convert solar, wind, wood burning stoves, geothermal and similar green sources of energy into electricity, thermal and mechanical energy, the energy sector is therefore also developing new and improving the existing energy storage devices and mediums to reduce energy loss to the minimum, lower the costs of energy storage and maintain a reliable power supply.

How is Energy Stored

Energy storage uses various methods to store excess energy to be used at a later time which in turn allows the energy providers to balance between the demand and supply. A number of devices and media are used to store energy, while their selection depends primarily on the source of energy and the intended use. For example, a hydroelectric dam stores energy in a reservoir with an aim to increase electricity generation when necessary by using gravitational energy, readily convertible energy to operate various devices independently from the direct source of energy such as the electrical grid for instance which provides the user with mobility.

The Problem of Energy Storage for Intermittent Renewable Energy

One of the main reasons why renewable sources of energy are not utilised on a larger scale is the lack of efficient, reliable and inexpensive energy storage technology. The issue is being worked on and a number of economically and technically feasible alternative solutions have been proposed but they are introduced very slowly, while many are still being tested. But considering the rising prices of the traditional forms of energy and their devastating impact on the environment, we will probably witness a rapid development of energy storage systems for green sources of energy in the following years.